Freedom City Timeline

1606- Jamestown, Virgina, The first permanent English settlement in the New World, Founded.

1630- Landing of settlers in the Great Bay at the future site of Freedom City
Buccaneers claim Tortuga, off the Northwest coast of Hispaniola, in the Caribbean. Tales of the legendary Crimson Corsair spread as far as Freedom.

1631- Freedom officially founded with the building of the first common house and city hall.

1669- Founding of Bayview

1694- Prophet’s Crusade witch-hunts begin in the Freedom area.

1696- Elijah Prophet leaves Freedom, ending the infamous witch-hunts.

1698- Founding of Port Regal

1719- Founding of Kingston

1745- Founding of Hanover

1770- Initial protests against the excesses of British Troops in Freedom City, Boston, and New York.

1773- Kingston Tea Party (A show of solidarity with the Colonial Rebels in Boston)

1775- The Declaration of Independence signed. American troops report signs of a mysterious masked woman known as “Lady Liberty”. The Minuteman first appears in the Boston area.

1779- American Major Joseph Clark wins decisive victories over the British, driving them from Freedom and the surrounding area.

1781- British surrender to the American Army at Yorktown.

1787- United States constitution framed and ratified.

1789- Incorporation of Freedom City.

1799- Establishment of Freedom College on the outskirts of the city.

1825- Establishment of Freedom City University.
Freedom City’s first daily newspaper- the Freedom Ledger- begins publication.

1861- American Civil War begins.

1865- American Civil War ends.

1889- Freedom Celebrates it’s Centennial.

1890- Jack-a-knifes terrorizes the red light district of Freedom City.
The Vampire Lord Dracula terrorizes London.
Sioux Indian Leader Broken Crow dies in the Battle of Wounded Knee, South Dakota.

1912- The S.S. Titanic sinks on the maiden voyage. Although the ship sank when struck by an iceberg some very skeptical minds think not, it has been suggested that Atlanteans may be responsible.

1914-1918- World War I fought in Europe.

1918- Small asteroid hits a small farming plot west of Freedom City.

1925- Police Reports and newspapers attribute disrupted gangland activities to a mysterious crime-fighter called the Ghost.

1927- Johnny Danger delivers “Six Fingers” Scocci to police and breaks up the Tomo Mob.
The Bluesman fights mob influence in the West End.

1928- Aurora Press produces pulp adventures of Johnny Danger, The Ghost, The Bluesman, and others in a wildly popular publication.

1938- The Centurion first appears, preventing a robbery at the First National Bank by lifting the getaway car with his bare hands and bullets bouncing off him harmlessly.
Midnight prevents a robbery by bogus “Martians” during Orson Wells’ broadcast of War of the Worlds.

1939- Freedom Eagle Appears.
The first non-American ‘mystery-man’ appears in Germany. When der Ubermensch appears a number of German supers follow.

1940- The Bowman, Johnny Rocket, and the mysterious Lantern Jack appear on the scene.

1941- Lady Liberty appears in Washington D.C.
German U-Boat sinks a European Luxury liner. American singer Lynn Sidon is missing and presumed dead.
The Japanese attack the American Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
President Roosevelt Announces the formation of the Liberty League.

1942- Formation of the Crime League in Freedom City, costume criminals join forces for the first time.
Allies of Freedom Form to combat international supers under the banner of the Axis of Evil.
Johnny Danger, his wife Anna, and their three children form Danger international and combat Nazi forces in North Africa.

1945- Allies of Freedom disband after many members disappear in a battle.
Germans surrender to Allied forces.
United States drops two atomic bombs on Japan.

1947- Sightings reported of UFOs over small town of Bluequarry, Nevada.

1955- HUAC hearings forces the conscientious disbanding of the Liberty League.
The Freedom Eagle and Bowman retire, but the young ward Arrow continues crime fighting.

1960- Hades, Greek god of the Underworld invades Freedom City with an undead army. A number of heroes band together to face a foe that they alone couldn’t overcome, then founded the Freedom League.

1962- Formation of AEGIS (the American Elite Government Intervention Service)

1964- AEGIS funds and opens Blackgate Penitentiary on a small island off the coast of Freedom City to house Superhuman Criminals.
The Beatles arrive in Freedom City.

1965- Omega, Lord of the Terminus Zone pierces the dimensional barriers and invade Freedom City. Omega is driven back by the aid of the Freedom League and super scientist Dr. Atom.

1966- A cartoon “The Freedom Friends” premiers and is VERY loosely based on the Freedom League’s real adventures.

1969- Lunar Landing.
Mayor Herbert Huntington honors fallen hero “The Bluesman” by opening Liberty Park.
Intergalactic Tyrant Blackstar and Cosmos’ brightest Knight Star Knight arrive on Earth and battle from Blue Quarry, Nevada to Freedom City.
The alien shapeshifters known as the Grue impersonate the Freedom League shaking public confidence in the League.

1971- The first Annual Blues Festival takes place in Liberty Park.

1973- New Bowman and Arrow appear on the Freedom City scene as the new “Daring Duo”.

1977- Four Prostitutes are murdered in a similar fashion to the Jack-a-Knifes killings many years ago.

1978- The Daring Duo suffer a humiliating public defeat due to the Bowman fighting crime drunk, he retires in disgrace.

1979- Two Freedom Leaguers Brainstorm and The Scarab give their lives to save the Freedom League from the mental domination of the Scions of Sorbek, long dead egyptian sorcerer-priests.
The Freedom League reorganizes and changes.

1980- Police find drug dealers and other organized crime members with arrows lodged in them, some suffered intentional lethal wounds.

1981- Two more Freedom Leaguers- Tectonic and Halogen- die stopping a rampage of Katanarchists, led by the Crimson Katana. Centurion disbands the league before more lives are lost.

1984- Franklin Moore is elected Mayor of Freedom City on the platform of zero tolerance for crime and vigilantism. Costumed Heroes are outlawed, and even Centurion is forced out of Freedom City.

1985- In defiance with Mayor Moore, a group known as FORCE Ops is lead by a hero called Archer, combats criminals and Mayor Moore’s political machine.

1992- Michael O’Conner Jr. is elected Mayor on his “No Moore” Platform and exposes Moore’s criminal ties. He devotes his efforts to rebuilding trust in the people for their leaders.

1993- The Terminus Invasion. The armies of Omega invade again in Freedom City. The largest alliance of heroes ever seen repeal the invaders. Many heroes die or are seriously injured in the fight. Centurion sacrifices himself to shatter Omega’s life support system suit forcing him to retreat. The world morns the death of “The Man of Bronze”.
Dr. Metropolis appears in Freedom City to greatly aid reconstruction.
Mayor Micheal O’Conner Jr. repeals the Moore Act and Superheroes are once again allowed to operate in Freedom.

1994- A group of Heroes re-establish the Freedom League, quickly becomes the world formost superhero team.
Mayor O’Conner establishes Honor Day, the annual city wide holiday of the defeat of Omega and the sacrifice of Centurion and other heroes.

1995- Malador the Mystic, takes control of Dr. Metropolis to seal five large buildings for a ritual sacrifice on a massive scale. Freedom League with the aid of several mystic heroes stop the ritual. Malador is believed dead after Dr. Metropolis breaks free of Malador’s spell and drops a building on the Lich.

1996- Mayor O’Conner Jr. wins re-election.

1999- Despite world wide fears of computer chaos, the Freedom League defeat the Millennium Bug and the Y2K Drones.

2000- Mayor O’Conner wins third term in office.
Blackstone inmates escape, takes roughly 6 months for all the super villains to be wrangled back into cells.

2001- An alliance of Super Villains destroy Freedom Hall and seriously wound or disable all of the Freedom League. Freedom League rebuilt in roughly a year.
Philanthropist Duncan Summers opens the Claremont Academy in Bayview. Begins teaching super-powered teens to control their powers.

2002- Centurion reappears, claiming to be trapped in the Terminus for years. Turns out to be a impostor created by Omega. “Alpha Centurion” battled and hasn’t been seen since.
Atlantian invasion of land. Peace is formed after it is found out that Atleanian leaders under mind control influence.

2005- Freedom League build a satellite headquarters dubbed “The Lighthouse”
Siren and other aquatic heroes spend a large amount of time and effort on combating Hurricane Katrina.

2007-Large gang violence occurrences when “Foreshadow” is reported dead. Turns the Fens, and large portions of Southside and Lincoln into a veritable war zone.

2009-UNISON backs up military need and peace keeping solutions to aid in making the Iranian Election successful.

Freedom City Timeline

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