Danger International Timeline

A foundation started by 1930s explorer and adventurer Johnny Danger got its start up capital from diamonds collected from a secret mine in Africa. DI began around the nucleus of Johnny’s old organizational, the Jungle Patrol, and always has a strong interest in environmental protection issues and preserving peace in Africa. The foundation has worked with the government of Dakana many times in the past, and serves as an NGO (Non Governmental Organization) go between and the US government at times.

Johnny Danger passed away with his wife and two of his children after a terrible fight aiding the Kill Kaiser in 1952 on board Kill Kaiser’s “Battle Blimp”

Rachel Danger currently runs DI and is a constant super heroine Lady Danger. Danger International provides money for humanitarian aid, exploration, research projects, and similar activities. Based in Freedom City, Danger International has offices in New York and Dakana as well.

1927- Johnny Danger delivers “Six Fingers” Scocci to police and breaks up the Tomo Mob.

1929- Johnny Danger marries Anna O’Brian, forms the Jungle Patrol after the honeymoon.

1930- Jungle Patrol formed and includes Johnny, Anna, Ace Pilot Roger Arbuck, Dr. Simon Thatch- Field Medic, and champion wrestler Boris “The Boar” Percoris. Johnny Danger Jr. Born.

1932- Micheal Danger born.

1934- Rachel Danger born.

1942- Johnny Danger, his wife Anna, and their three children, various heroes, and the Jungle Patrol form Danger International and combat Nazi forces in North Africa after a government issued grant for funding. The more freakish heroes of the era find a home within Danger International’s ranks such as half man/half golem The Artificer, the constant fury Stormfront, Johnny Reb Dixie’s fighting spirit, and Krurrick the Yeti.

1944- Battles take place in the desert against Nazi’s in unoccupied Egyptian temples. All relics recovered and in tact.

1946- Discovers the Hidden Den of the White Lion, the nation of Dakana.

1947- After disbanding a Nazi resistance force from a slave mining operation local chieftain blesses Rachel Danger with animal shape shifting powers.

1952- Battle of Dresden- Danger International versus the Kill Kaiser and his army, due to the war being over US superheroes don’t get involved. Danger International feels that it is still their duty to help the citizens despite overwhelming odds against DI and being “cut off” from US Government funding. Johnny, Anna, Johnny Jr., and Micheal die in the battle.

At the funeral it is discovered that in Johnny’s will he would leave everything to the eldest child, including leadership. Rachel takes on the moniker Lady Danger that day.

1954- HUAC investigation hearings would force US government to question the citizenship of and possibly detain Boris, The Artificer, and Kruurick the Yeti. In a move of solidarity, every member of Danger International leaves the US and their citizenship becoming a true independent international peacekeeping force. The Nation of Dakana allows them to set up base within their borders.

1960- All members other than Lady Danger, a waning Johnny Reb, The Artificer, and Kruurick the Yeti stop serving in an adventuring capacity due to age.

1962- A super villain self proclaimed as the Leopard King raises an army of Leopard people to attack the newly freed nations of Africa. Danger International along with the forces of Dakana help stop the mad cat man.

1963- International agents of chaos Overthrow, start their international agenda of crazy schemes to overthrow governments. One scheme unfortunately works wonderfully as Overthrow used a Rebellion Ray to incite violence in England. Johnny Reb appears to “Die” overloading the gun’s battery with his own spirit of rebellion.

1965- Elven General Stife Overglade invades part of Iceland setting it up as his new territory. Repealed by joint efforts of Danger International and Icelandic forces.

1967- After a tomb robbing scientist unearths a Greek Temple to Hades which contains the God killing suit of armor “The Adamant”. Danger International is called in to deal with the situation, but the suit of armor is far too powerful. The Artificer looses a majority of vital organs in the battle and is forced to upload his soul to another “body”. Adamant doesn’t stop it’s rampage till the intervention of Horus the Avenger banishes it to another realm.

1970- Due to waning Funds and membership roster, Danger International is forced to be far more selective about missions, due to most research and exploration contracts going to The Atom Family.

1972- Professor Richard Calumus hires out Danger International for an exploratory adventure of the Prime Elements. After leaving the campsite late one night him and his three person team discover the Gems of Prime Elements without Danger International’s involvement. The gems power is uncontrollable to the Professor and his team changing them into the walking villainous elemental The Factor Four. Unfortunately a woefully outmatched Lady Danger and Artificer are defeated at the hands of the villains. Feeling responsible for such a significant magical error The Artificer goes on a personal quest.

1975- Danger International gets a much needed contract from the UN to set up diplomatic check points at all “fantastic” locations. Atlantis, The Arie, Dakana, Shambala Vale, Ultima Thule, and the Fairside City on the Moon all have outposts set up.

1976- After hearing reports of a “Super powered Punk” causing all kinds of mayhem in England, Lady Danger chooses to investigate while on a business trip. Recognizing the spirit of rebellion had “regenerated” into a new body an “English” Johnny Reb joins Danger International.

1980- Full on Recurtment drive in place. Gaining the combined forces of Steel Serpent, Pilgrim and his dog Moose, and the Battering Ram.

1985- Stop a Serpent People uprising in Sub-Terra

1990- After years of being unable to operate in American Boarders, Danger International is allowed to roam and discover The Magic Mesa in Arizona.

1993- The Terminus Invasion, Danger International is stationed out in South America during the attacks, when over they immediately find an abandoned Nazi Facility full of partially dead cannibalistic clones.

1997- Danger Patrol faces their greatest threat yet with the formation of the Fraternal Order of Evil openly attacking them. Members include, Bres the Beautiful, Balor, The Sliver Hyena, Dire Wolf, Madam Madness and Dr. Zap.

2000- Mad men and strange scientists come out of the woodwork following Dr. Zap’s leadership forming another group called the ThinkTank, debuting with a literal psychic tank.

2005- With the rise of Environmental dangers occurring Lady Danger forces her attention back to the natural world, teammates that are more combat inclined leave to form another group called the Outliers. Leaving on good terms, Lady Danger is currently the only Super powered hero on staff of Danger International.

2009- A branch of UNISON, UNIQUE give a grant to Danger International to form a peace keeping force for the world and beyond. Adds member Blitz for diplomatic military means and Chyper for Intergalactic needs.

Danger International Timeline

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